Health Tips You Need to Practice – 3 Tips to Better Longevity, Healthy Heart, and Weight Loss

This article will present three tips you need to practice every day because these are vital to your health. These health tips are generally intended to better longevity by avoiding heart disease and attaining your ideal weight. Furthermore, I also recommend eating one food that will significantly give you a longer life.Tip No. 1 – Siesta Every AfternoonHere is wisdom from the old country: take a siesta and have a healthy heart. Siesta, the famous afternoon snooze of Spain and most of Western Europe, is perhaps one of the major reasons why men in Spain have lower rate of heart disease than those in America. Taking an afternoon siesta, as verified by studies, can significantly lower blood pressure and minimize risk of heart disease.Tip No. 2 – Eat Beans to Lose WeightDo you want an ideal weight loss aid? Then try eating legumes daily. All legumes are top sources of lean protein and soluble fiber. These two things are very essential in weight loss because it allows you to satisfy your hunger for longer periods. In addition, it also helps burn fat and stabilizes your sugar level in the blood. So get those black beans and kidney beans and enjoy them daily as part of your diet.Tip No. 3 – Eat Yogurt EverydayIn the Caucasus Mountains near Turkey, the Abkhazian people are so well known because of their longevity. And what is their secret? They eat a lot of fermented kefir every day, a product similar to yogurt. Kefir contains a bacterium called L. acidophilus, also found in live culture yogurts. This bacterium thrives in the digestive system and helps the body digest food efficiently and fight bad germs. With enough population of L. acidophilus in the digestive tract, this helps maintain healthier intestinal cells so that t can effectively extract more nutrients from the food you eat. This is most important especially as you age.

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Health Tips For Men Approaching Their 50’s

As we get older, obviously we change – our musculature, our desires and our energy. We tend to get lazier than when younger. Though I think this is a society habit rather than an age habit. Here are some tips to maintain health and energy as we mature.1) You lose muscle tone as you age, take up weight training, if you have never done it before – take advice and start slowly – but build back your muscle tone. You can easily do weight training into your 70’s and 80’s. Keep your body from falling literally down.2) Get your weight down. If you are overweight, be brutal with yourself, get your weight down, slim down, don’t carry that extra weight. When you were younger your body could take more punishment – be gracious with your frame and body now. Allow it space. So eat lean. Allow your heart to work less, be kind to your veins and arteries. Take away the physical stress on your organs. Get the weight off your bones and joints. Improve your muscle tone but avoid the fat.3) Get your blood pressure under control. Heart attacks are lethal and have no warning signs – except blood pressure. You can die at 40 or 80 of a heart attack, and their is no warning. Check your blood pressure, get it within a healthy range. But unless critical – try to avoid drugs – use exercise diet and nutrition.4) Eat less and eat healthier – your body and its systems don’t process food as well as at twenty – give them leeway, treat them kindly. Moderation in all things. Cut out the obvious fat and sodium monsters.5) Take vitamins. Vitamins and mineral tablets may not do much if your are slim and trim and on a healthy diet. But your body needs help in procuring a lot of things it had no problem with at twenty five Take a multivitamin – it wont hurt. Ideally a premium one ( that is one that works as a food and is not just artificial vitamins in starch and sugar) One of the best is Nutrilite brand6) For health – think nutrition first before prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are always a problem. They are emergency treatment- not lifestyle treatment. Glucosomine for joints, omega 3 for immune system and healthy heart. Garlic for cleansing and heart health. Ginseng for energy (be careful with good ginseng its quite the booster).Coenzyme Q10 for energy replacement.However with all supplements, please consult a knowledgeable health professional, who knows your lifestyle and body type.7) Produce more joy than worry in your life. Make plans. Think you’re old? Hey you could be dead tomorrow – or you could have another 50 years (your life so far, over again) Set a goal, get a desire, make plans. You are always happier on the way to a desire. It may be time to retire from the job – but life is rich and omnipresent, always – get involved in your life.Stay involved. It only comes round once.